Oahu Island surf lessons
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Surf Instructors


Our Beach Boys surf instructors are CPR and Lifeguard certified, some are Firefighters, Pro surfers, and a young generation of Big Wave Riders, Tube Riders, Tow In surfers and each one have your own style to teach!

With a stylish surf classes to can make you never forget this experience and keep on surfing.
They"re goal is to teach you Stand Up in your first surf lesson.
For your fun and safety we are proud to have the best team working together for an enriched Hawaiian surf experience for the beginner,intermediate and advanced surfer to guarantee our surf lesson will be the highlight of your vacation.

For your convenience we can always find a 1-3 foot waves in a turquoise blue warm waters and the soft fun beginner waves are a surfer's dream!


Surfer Girls instructors, big wave riders are proud to teach you to STAND UP and SURF in your first class! They are a lovely with kids and first timers. CPR  and lifeguard Red Cross certified and well trained to give you all the security you need on the water.

Water womans are pretty like mermaids, sweet like honey and respond very positively to all the challenges of a surf teaching!
They provide a quality surf lesson activity in the South Shore of Oahu (Waikiki) and also in the wild North Shore of Oahu always in the mellow 1 t0 3 foot waves.

The girls instructors of surf provide all the support and knowledge to the student succeed. Some are very talented Pro Surfers and also pro Body boarders! They teach a first timers and also any surfer level are welcome in this happy trip.

Private classes, group classes, semi group classes are welcome. 8:30 AM to 5:30PM every days. Check our Rates and packages for more info.

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